Twitter as an Invaluable Resource in Finding Your Next Job

Looking for your next dream job? Twitter might be the key to finding it.

Candidates today have new tools to help them navigate the job hunt. If you are thinking about changing jobs, now is the time to start using platforms like Twitter to research the scene and help you find ideal offers. On Twitter, you can communicate with employers or recruiters, gain insight to help you interview well and put yourself out there to get noticed.

Could Twitter Help You Find a Job?

Successful leaders utilize Twitter more than any other social platform; it's a sounding board, an amazing search engine, and a very effective way to tap into the industry you want to join. But, like all social media platforms, it takes time to build up your profile with interesting posts and gain engagement from other accounts.

LinkedIn doesn’t offer as much of an opportunity for publicity and individuality. While it's great to have your resume updated on LinkedIn, you should turn to Twitter for relevant interactions. Twitter has become the preferred channel for branding, allowing you to establish your professional personality in a public way.

How to Use Twitter in Your Job Hunt

Here are four tips on how to use your Twitter account to find your next job.

Create a Professional Profile

Start by using your profile to only project a professional image of yourself. Remove any old Tweets that you wouldn't want an employer to see and only Tweet professionally from here out. You aren't restricted to only talking about your brand, but always make sure your Tweets are in line with your personal brand and not out of character for how you want recruiters to see you. Use a professional headshot for your profile picture and include a link in your bio to your resume.

Follow Industry Leaders and Top Companies

When you follow the right people, you get insight into what matters to the companies you want to work for. Following the right industry leaders and top execs will help you do your research for companies you may apply to in the future.

Stay on Top of Industry News

Use Twitter to join discussions about your industry and learn about new trends. There are real-time discussions constantly happening on this platform, and you can learn a lot if you know where to look. You can follow topics and hashtags to fill your feed with relevant Tweets. When you are looking for a job, it's important to know what's happening in the industry.

Stay Active on the Platform

Staying active is the best way to build up your profile on Twitter. Set up your profile and remain active to increase your connections there. Experts recommend Tweeting several times a day to help increase your visibility. Join in conversations with other professionals as well to build a reputation on the platform.

If you are looking for a job, a recruiting company may be able to help you consider the options. At Palo Alto Staffing, we connect top talent to the best companies in Silicon Valley. Check out our open roles here and follow us on Twitter for job listings and startup news!

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