Why the Front Desk Position is Your Ultimate Foot in the Door

Looking to start your career in Silicon Valley? This is a great place to start!

Are you looking for a career change or to move to a top company? Sometimes switching jobs means starting at an entry-level position to earn your stripes. A solid starting position might actually be the opportunity you are looking for. Here are five reasons a front desk position is the ultimate foot in the door.

You’ll Learn the Culture and Company Goals

No matter where you start in the company, you will learn about the goals and culture leadership wants. Just having your foot in the door will allow you to show you can be part of the team. Working the front desk allows you to be a kind of face for the company—which is a huge benefit when leadership thinks about hiring from within.

You’ll Meet all the Important Players

When you work the front desk, you meet people at every level of the company and from every department. Not only will you have a chance to know who’s who, but you can start to learn their personal preferences and workplace habits. You can use this information to help you interview well when you look to move up in the ranks.

You Have a Chance to Prove Yourself

It can be difficult to start at the bottom level, but this is how you can prove yourself. Many organizations want to make sure you can keep up with basic tasks before moving you to positions where your work could hurt the company or client accounts. So, take this opportunity to prove yourself and consider it a kind of long-form interview.

You Could be Promoted Internally

Of course, all of this would be worth it if the company is willing to promote internally. Many organizations prefer to hire from within their existing ranks. It’s easier for them to pull up someone from an entry-level position and replace that position than to trust a new hire for a top-level position. You can always ask your potential employer if they typically hire internally to get a feel for their stance on this.

You Have a Chance to Get Started Down the Right Path

Are you stuck in a job you hate or struggling to find the right fit? Once you know what you are looking for, a desk job can help you get your foot in the door. Just getting a starting job with a company you love or respect can help you get moving down the right path. If you don’t move up in the ranks of that company, you can list an industry-relevant job on your application and consider open positions with the competition.

At Palo Alto Staffing, we help people like you find jobs with top Silicon Valley organizations. While some of our clients are looking for specialized experts, others want client-facing professionals who can manage the front desk. We will help you find the right fit for your skills within the company of your dreams. Apply with us today!

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