Rapid Hiring of Telemedicine With The Rise of COVID-19

If you aren't familiar with the term Telemedicine, 2020 will be the year that changes.

As our lives become busier and busier and the rise of illnesses such as COVID-19 become a reality, the market and importance of telemedicine is becoming extremely relevant. Telemedicine is the use of telecommunication methods to communicate, prescribe, and even treat common health ailments from the comfort of your own home. The most popular form of telemedicine has become the use of our smartphones. Patients can quickly and easily chat with a physician via the front-facing camera to explain their symptoms and receive certified medical advice.

2020 has introduced an increasing need for staff in the telemedicine field. We have already observed companies such as HealthTap, Breakthrough, and Doctor on Demand beginning the process of rapid hiring to fill the holes in their staff. It’s becoming clear that telemedicine is on the rise to replace traditional doctors’ offices for ailments that don’t require physical contact, even being recommended by governments and health insurance agencies. Telemedicine is often a more cost-effective alternative to a traditional doctors office because of the competition available and the lack of costs associated with running a facility. Many health insurance agencies have even begun to recommend telemedicine services to patients, such as the partnership between California Blue Shield and popular telemedicine provider Teladoc.

Telemedicine and The Rise of Covid-19

As the whole world has witnessed in the last months of 2020, a new virus by the name of Covid-19 is putting every established aspect of business and life to the test. We have been told to self-isolate because of the contagion of the new-found virus, however we have also been advised to seek medical attention if we are experiencing symptoms, both very contradicting recommendations. The only widely accepted resolution to this problem is seeking a telemedicine appointment. Having a personal but strictly online visit with a medical professional completely cancels out the possibility of transmitting the virus from one person to another. As we see events and workplaces close down due to the high contagion of this virus, every step we can take to socially distance ourselves is a precaution well taken. Although the need for physical practitioners will always be in demand, telemedicine greatly reduces the stress on the physical side of this industry. Having the option of telemedicine reduces the need for all of those similar appointments that inevitably take 15 minutes once in the doctors chair, saving everyone the time and stress involved in the process.

2020 Rapid Hiring in Telemedicine

As the demand for telemedicine appointments rise, so does the demand for staff in the telemedicine field. Although telemedicine requires less staff and even different forms of staff, the demand is quickly being tested in the rise of Covid-19. Up until very recently, HIPAA policies have barred medical professionals from discussing medical information with their patients over telecommunications calls in hopes of protecting the patient’s privacy. Thanks to a Notice of Enforcement Discretion by HIPAA, telemedicine companies are able to move forward at full speed during these unprecedented times. Moving forward at full speed comes with its challenges, however. Whereas previously these companies were staffed to fill the needs that they could fill at the time, new circumstances have forced these companies to seek new and more help.

Nearly every telemedicine company that is actively tackling the spread of Covid-19 is now hiring remote working nurse practitioners and physicians. Not only are they seeking medical professionals, but we have also seen a spike in the need for business development leads to tackle the dilemma of old business models for the newfound rise of demand. These companies will not only see a rise of income out of the current situations, but they will also have their ability to keep up with demand put to the test. We will see in the coming months the most prepared and well-staffed of these companies rise to the occasion and we will see some companies go under because of their lack of preparation.

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