Maximize Your Job Search in 2021

Here are a few tips that you can take into the new year to help maximize your job search success in 2021


This tip is about as basic as it gets, be sure that you are applying for the jobs that you want! Getting your resume in front of hiring managers is the first and most essential step in being considered for a position. Applying for jobs that you are under-qualified for is not generally recommended, however, being under-qualified is not always a no. You should still apply to jobs that you want even if you are missing one or two of the required skills, but are confident that you are capable of this position and that your past experience shows that.

Create A Job Search Schedule

Everyone is busy today and we all know that job searching is a timely task. Sey windows in your schedule that you know you will have time to sit down and get to work on your job search. Allow yourself plenty of time to find and read job descriptions and complete applications. Applications aren’t always quick and easy, some even requiring a small skills test to even be submitted. Allocating time for this is essential. Be sure to also apply with Palo Alto Staffing so that we can assist you in your job search!

Have Multiple Resumes

Submitting a resume that highlights your skills related to the job you are applying for is a great way to grab the hiring manager’s attention. Creating multiple resumes that pander to each type of job that you are typically applying for is a great method for efficiency.

Keep Track of Jobs and Agencies That You Apply For

This tip is very important as one of the most frustrating outcomes of calling a candidate is when they have forgotten about the position they applied to and need to re-analyze the job description and whether or not they even still want the job. Keep a list of all of the jobs that you apply to and stay prepared for that phone call requesting an interview! When possible, withdraw your application from portals when you are no longer available or interested.

Take these general tips with you into 2020 and feel more confident every time you submit your application! Be sure to also apply with Palo Alto Staffing so that we can take some of the load off your shoulders and help you search.

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