The Importance of Company Research

This Can Make or Break Your Job Interview or Sale

Researching the company that you are hoping to become an employee of is an excellent way to boost your chances of landing that job. Not only will your research provide you with what to expect when working for your new company, but it will also show your manager that you are determined and knowledgable enough to become a valuable member of the team. It might not be expected of you to know the history and future of your hopeful company before you begin with them, but we can guarantee you that it will help your odds in getting that new job. Here are a few simple ways to gain a decent understanding of your new potential company.

Browse The Company's Social Media

Most companies have a social media presence today, and that social media presence is typically how they want the public to view them. Having a good sense of how they present themselves publicly will give you a clear direction on their mission and what key points you can make to stand out. Check out their Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn to find the information you’re looking for.

Read The About Us Page

The About Us page on a companies website is meant to give some background on the company and further explain what they do and why they do it. Read over this page and get informed about what makes the company tick. You won’t be expected to have expertise in the founding and future of the company in your interview, but some basic knowledge that can be learned from the About page will go a long way.

Reach Out To Your Connections

If you have any internal connections with your prospective company, reach out to them for key points on what will get you further. Your connections will have likely successfully completed internal interviews with the company and knowing what they were able to say to get the attention of the higher ups can be huge leg up that other competing candidates might not have.

Read Interview Reviews

Companies like Indeed and Glassdoor offer public reviews from candidates that have interviewed at companies in the past. Reading these reviews can give you a sense of what to expect in your own interview and in the position itself. Remember to read these interviews with a grain of salt as some of these candidates might have had bad experiences that don’t reflect the company as a whole.

We can assure you that any manager will be highly impressed when candidates bring a general pre-understanding of the company to the interview table. It doesn’t take days of research to make an impression but this quick research is something that you can take with you to the interview and beyond in your hopeful new position.

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