How To Ask For A Raise

The Time Has Come. Here's How to Do It

You’ve been working for your company for a while now and you feel that your pay does not reflect your effort anymore. Sometimes it is up to the employee to ask their boss for a raise rather than waiting for a hopeful out-of-the-blue raise. Every worker’s situation is different, but here are a few general tips that might help you get to a pay rate that you feel is more deserving of your role.

Ask At An Appropriate Time

You want to be sure that when you ask your boss about a pay increase, you’re doing it at a good time. Be sure that you ask at a time when you are confident that your boss is not under too much stress, you want to get their good side! Scheduling a meeting rather than asking in a random approach can be a good way to avoid catching your boss at a bad time. Try starting the discussion after you have made a success that is fresh on your manager’s mind!

Make a List of your Success

Being a manager isn’t an easy title to hold and it is very possible that your manager doesn’t see everything you do for the company. Make a list of the contributions you make to the company and of your successes to present to your boss when asking for a pay increase. Doing this will give your request some padding and help to convince your boss that you deserve it.

Find Out How Your Pay Compares

Do a bit of research on your role in other companies to learn how your compensation compares to theirs. If your boss wants to keep you on the team, it is unlikely that they will be okay with paying you less than another company would. However, don’t try to compare your rate with your coworkers as justification for your desired pay increase. Most employers look down upon this as it causes competition within the team.

Be Professional

Perhaps the biggest tip in asking for a pay increase, be professional. Approach your boss in a sophisticated manner that shows that you are deserving of this. Be understanding of your manager’s viewpoints and be open to questions and negotiations. If your request doesn’t go your way, do not become upset. Understand where your boss is coming from if they deny your request and understand the factors that influenced their decision.

If you are confident that you deserve a pay increase, it is very likely that your boss will understand and see your side. Asking for a pay increase can be stressful for you and for your boss, so do it delicately. Use these tips to help you make the right move and if you happen to get turned down, use it as a learning experience!

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